Mercedes Benz E-Class


A perfect selection for the midsize luxury car class, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class has provided an appealing mix of comfort, performance and safety for decades. The trademark qualities of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, such as vault-like solidity and cutting edge technology, have also contributed to the E-Class’ great popularity among luxury personnel. You can private hire a chauffeur from the GGH Group. At our company we accept nothing but the highest standard of travel, join us today and book your luxury vehicle with GGH.

E-Class Showcase

 Summary table

  • x4 Seats Avalible
Pieces of luggage
  • x2 Medium Suitcases
Child Seat
  • Avalible upon request
Additional Features
  • Refreshments included


Each of our vehicles includes a range of additional features and complimentary services such as FREE in-vehicle WIFI, an on board media suite, the latest magazines and newspapers, in order to make your journey more pleasant and more enjoyable. If there is any specific requirements you would like, please click the “Request a call” button below. We will be delighted to assist you further.